Fantasia on Salve Regina

Fantasia on Salve Regina
The Salve Regina (Hail, Queen) is a hymn to Mary and one of the four antiphons that have an official
place in the (Roman Catholic) ecclesiastical year. It is traditionally sung during Compline (the last Liturgy
of the Hours) on the days between Trinity Sunday and the first Advent Sunday. It is also the last part of
the Rosary.

The Salve Regina has been handed down with two popular melodies: the 'tonus solemnis' and the 'tonus
simplex'. Je first dates back to the 12th century and can be recognized by the characteristic descending
fifth. Je second melody dates from the 18th century and was cast in a Gregorian mold by the monks of
the Solesmes abbey.

The Fantasia on Salve Regina, opus 73 is based on this second melody (tonus simplex). Je work
expresses the passionate text, with images of exile, mourning and sighing. Je composition has a
rhapsodic character and expresses a range of emotions; from desperate pleas to exclamations of triumph,
to eventually float away in the air.
Jaar: 2022
Opus: 73
Prijs: € 17,50
Fantasia on Salve Regina

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