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Switch between language

The language, for example English or Dutch or German, is chosen automatically based on the language of the browser. If a Dutch browser is being used, the Dutch version of this website will appear. In all other cases the English version is shown.

On every page the language can be changed using the language options, this preference is saved.


Full screen pictures

When pictures are larger than the screen you can reduce their size by clicking on the picture, so that the size of the picture will be reduced to fit the screen height exactly. The picture will now be completely visible. By clicking on the picture again, its original (larger) size will be restored.


Navigate quickly

On wider screens you can always find quick links on the left with which you can quickly navigate to the part of the website which you want to see.


More information about the pictures

On for example the Photos and the Professional Career page, information about the picture is shown at the bottom of the picture when the mouse is hovering over the picture.


More of the website on screen

Press the F11-button of the keyboard to see more of the website on your screen. Press the F11-button again to switch back to the original display size.


Skip animations

Double click on the animations to skip them.


Problems with the audio samples

The audio samples require in certain cases the free Adobe Flash Player. Flash is already installed on most computers.

The latest version of Adobe Flash Player is better, faster and safer than previous versions. The audio samples therefore work best when the latest version of Flash is installed.

Check which version of Flash your browser is using at this moment.

On this website you can check if you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed. The “Version Information” block should show the same version number than the “Player Version” column, which is located lower on the same page. In case the “Version Information” block doesn’t show the same version number, but another (lower) version number, you can download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. When you check again which version of Flash is installed after installation, the same version number should be shown. Now the audio samples can be played in the best possible way, by clicking the play button on the left of the audio samples.


Problems with the sheet music

The sheet music examples are files in the Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to be able to view these files, software is required which can read this format. For example Adobe Reader is able to show PDF files. Adobe Reader is installed on almost every computer.

The sheet music examples are shown best when using the latest version of Adobe Reader. This program can be downloaded and used freely.

If you don't have Adobe Reader or want to have the latest version, you can download Adobe Reader and install it. After installation the sheet music examples can be displayed.


Contact by e-mail

You can contact Margreeth Chr. de Jong by e-mail by filling out the contact form.


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