Margaretha Christina de Jong

CD Recordings

  • Andächtige Musique II. Middelburg, Nieuwe Kerk, 2012. (Compositions in baroque style by De Jong based on Psalm and Hymn tunes) Bestel Order AUDIO NieuwNew
  • Margreeth Chr. de Jong in Composition and Performance. Middelburg, Nieuwe Kerk, 2010. (Compositions of Margaretha Christina de Jong) AUDIO
  • The Best of Mendelssohn. Middelburg, Nieuwe Kerk, 2008. (Double CD with well-known and unknown organ works by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy) AUDIO
  • All-Round Organ Sound. Middelburg, Nieuwe Kerk, 2006. (Compositions of Pieter Bustijn, Albert van Os, Bach, Mendelssohn, Franck, Margaretha Christina de Jong, and Zolt Gárdonyi) AUDIO
  • Andächtige Musique. Middelburg, Nieuwe Kerk, 2006. (Compositions in baroque style by De Jong based on Psalm and Hymn tunes)
  • Romantic Organ Music. Middelburg, Nieuwe Kerk, 1998. (Compositions of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Max Reger, Marco Enrico Bossi, Marcel Dupré, Cor Kee, and Margaretha Christina de Jong) UITVERKOCHTSOLD OUT
  • “Comme une biche”. Zierikzee, 1997. With vocal works performed by the Thuredrecht Cantorij (Choir master: Trudi Koeleman). (Includes compositions of Willem Lootens, Willem Mudde, Ferdinand Timmermans, and Margaretha Christina de Jong) UITVERKOCHTSOLD OUT
  • Duyschot/Müller Orgel. Lutherse Kerk Middelburg, 1995. (Includes compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach, Anthoni van Noordt, Antonio Vivaldi, and Christian Ernst Graf)
  • De Rijckere Orgel. Oostkerk Middelburg, 1994. (Includes compositions of Nicolas de Grigny, Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Johann Ludwig Krebs) UITVERKOCHTSOLD OUT
  • Female Composers. Rotterdam, Grote of St. Laurenskerk, 1994. (Compositions of Marianne von Martinez, Fanny Hensel-Mendelssohn, Clara Schumann, Benna Moe, Jeanne Demessieux, and Margaretha Christina de Jong) UITVERKOCHTSOLD OUT
  • Grote Kerk Dordrecht, 1993. (Compositions by César Franck, Charles-Marie Widor, Siegfried Karg-Elert, Max Reger, Jehan Alain, and Jean Langlais) UITVERKOCHTSOLD OUT

CD Covers

Andächtige Musique II - VoorkantAndächtige Musique II - Achterkant
Composition and Performance - VoorkantComposition and Performance - Achterkant
The Best of Mendelssohn - VoorkantThe Best of Mendelssohn - Achterkant
Andächtige Musique - VoorkantAndächtige Musique - Achterkant
All-Round Organ Sound - VoorkantAll-Round Organ Sound - Achterkant

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